Forced and child marriage a Third World problem

Many people in Western countries (including the UK) think that the above is true.  This really is not a problem in the UK, it can’t be we have so many safeguards against it.  These things only happen in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia or some other far-flung place. Maybe a common response but one that is completely untrue.  In the UK, child and forced marriage are present and far more common than you would ever dream of.  The government takes it so seriously that they have a separate government unit dedicated to the issue.

The Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) is a joint Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Home Office unit working on the government’s forced marriage policy, outreach and casework. It operates both inside the UK, where support is provided to any individual, and overseas, where consular assistance is provided to British nationals, including dual nationals.

See The Forced Marriage Units 2018 report here.

Girls Not Brides is a global alliance of organisations that seek to address the issue of child marriage and their section on the UK is very informative.  So it is alive and well in the UK and if you look at the underlining issues you will see that it is such a problem in the UK because of negative effects of `multiculturalism’ and part of the cultural enrichment that this brings to the UK.  This is an issue that the supporters of multiculturalism would love to keep quiet but it is a fact that people do not park long-held practices at the door when they set foot in the UK.

Too Young to Wed – children and forced marriages

This video looks at the issue of child brides and forced marriage with real-life children that have been forced to marry. The weakness of this particular video is not its quality in the sense of shockingness but the fact that it only relates to those far-flung places that `know no better’.

Aisha: The Child Bride of Muhammad

In this article we see Muhammad as an example to follow if you want to marry a child – not just a minor (under 18) but a child. Is this the pattern of life Islam really wants us to follow from the perfect example of a holy prophet?

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