CAIR’s Muslim on Muslim Oppression

By Shireen Qudosi “Even when CAIR is not successful in silencing critical Muslim voices, there are thousands of other Muslims who step back deeper into silence, afraid of being publicly harassed by CAIR.”   Published with The Forward  In our quest for...

Build a wall of resistence (blood)

This ad from CAIR exposes its real position on law enforcement. It was quickly taken down from its website but nothing is hidden on the internet! So much talk from them on supporting US law yet, in reality, they support only one legal system – sharia

CAIR very active in stifling freedom of speech and information

Wherever CAIR is active means bad news for American freedoms So the front for the Muslim Brotherhood is at it again In Dallas.  We should note CAIR's activities where and when we can and seek to use our influence to disrupt their undermining of American freedoms. The...

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