A memory of one of Ulster’s sacrifices

We are fast forgetting the sacrifices of past generations to preserve the freedoms that we have developed over many hundreds of years. We are encouraged to forget these and actually see them as something to be ashamed of because they were sacrifices protecting an evil past.

Ethnocide in the UK

In the UK we have been subjected to decades of a diet of self-loathing and hate when it comes to our heritage and culture. The word for this is ethnocide – the lefts commitment to destroy the heritage and culture of the UK and put in its place a globalist utopia

Ingrid Carlqvist a Swedish Racist and Islamophobe

You are a bigot, racist, xenophobe, islamophobe and far right Nazi. This is a tried and tested tactic used by the left, political elite and mainstream media to seek to silence those that oppose their narrative. Ingrid Carqvist is such a person according to the political elite and mainstream media. In many ways you know that your message is effective when the powers to be resort to labelling you as such. You also know that they have no response to what you are saying. You would think they could come up with something original yet they never do. They will stick to this tactic because it works 95% of the time. Most people are silenced by even the threat of being labelled such. We have been conditioned to automatically fear this label being applied to us. Is it not the worst thing that could ever happen to us? Should we not avoid this like the plague?


Decision time My wife asked me last week how I was going to vote and at the time I honestly did not know the answer (maybe like many others).  If I was honest with myself I suffer from the Northern Irish apathy towards politics and politicians.   It seems to me that...

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