Muslim immigration and our children’s future

Demographics. How many have thought much of this word? Until about five years ago I never gave it a second thought and probably didn’t even know the meaning of the word. Yet for Western countries, it is one of the most significant subjects when it comes to the future of our children.

What does the imprisonment of Tommy Robertson mean for free speech in the UK?

The imprisonment of anyone for holding or expressing views that can be offensive to others should be a cause for concern in any `free’ country. This case has caused international debate on the position of free speech and thought in the UK.

Tucker Carson and Katie Hopkins on the loss of freedom of speech in the UK

It does not matter whether you know Tommy Robertson, like him or dislike him his arrest and imprisonment goes to the very roots of freedom of speech in the UK. Freedom of Speech is the right to offend and if we start to imprison people because they offend us are we any better than the many dictatorships in the world?

Peter Hitchens | Freedom of Speech and Right to Offend | Proposition

Here Peter Hutchens explores the issues of free speech and that the basis of free speech is the right to offend. Free speech is not just speech that people agree with but all types of speech even when it offends.

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