Sharia Law and the Kafir (or non Muslim)

For those that have had, or does have, interaction with Muslims the word kafir will have probably come up in some context or other. Here Dr. Warner gives is a clear Islamic definition of what the term kafir means.

Dhimmis No More Christians’ Trauma in the Middle East

A new strain of thought has developed in Sunni Muslim thinking: ethnic cleansing. It’s not genocide, but it involves expelling non-Sunni populations. Its spread means that non-Muslim minorities have a grim future in Muslim-majority countries; and some may have no future there at all.

Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State

This article briefly lays out the terms that a non-Mulsim (zimmi or dhimmi) can live in a Muslim (Islamic) State, i.e. an Islamic country ruled by sharia law. So where sharia rules this is the condition of the non-Muslim.

Rights of Non-Muslims (dhimmi) in an Islamic State

Equal rights have no place in Islam and we see this laid bare for us in this article. Known as zimmis or dhimmi and at times kafir’s. It describes sharia as it applies to non-Muslims and illustrates why Islam is not compatible with Western values.

The Two Kinds of Dhimmis

There is another kind of dhimmi—kafirs who become apologists for Islam, fear and defer to it. So we have two types of dhimmi—the subjugated dhimmi who is under the political power of Islam and the apologist dhimmi who seeks Islamic favor.

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