We disclose the commandments placed on society by Islamic doctrine

The Center for the Study of Political Islam are a non-profit, non-political and non- religious international educational movement dedicated to the understanding of Islamic politics. Political Islam is the part of Islam that concerns the Kafir (non-Muslim). 51% of the main Islamic doctrinal texts deal with the Kafir. By using scientific methods of examination, now the politics become clear and easy to understand.

Is Muhammad Jesus Christ’s `spirit of truth’?

Some `Christian pastors’ claims that Muslim’s and Christian’s worship the same god, since Adam, Moses, Jacob, Isaiah, Jesus and Muhammad (and all the other Jewish and Christian prophets) are all from the Abrahamic tradition, therefore, they all bring the same god to us. Muhammad is associated with Jesus Christ’s teaching, in the Gospel of John, on the spirit of truth that is to come to Christians. As we will see in Dr. Tony Costa’s article (below) this means (to Muslims) Muhammad is the final and ultimate prophet of god (Allah being the Arabic term for god).

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The death of the stupid prophet (Muhammad)

I have to say I am a lover of mysteries especially when they involve suspense and an aspect of irony when you eventually find out the likely truth of the matter. The most endearing cases are those that elude solving. Jack the Ripper is a case in point. So much speculation and mystery.

Many of us seem to have a fascination with historical killings and the older the better. Cases that have become COLD, dead ends and not likely to be solved. Yet when Wood’s asks who killed Muhammad we all may think that this does not fall into the classification of a mystery since it is clearly recorded who actually killed him and she paid the ultimate price for doing so (if the official Muslim account is true that is).

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