Labour’s blatant cover-up of its antisemitism

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.  For me, this describes the Democratic party under Obama and the Labour Party under Corbyn.  Weak public statements are not reflected by the reality within each party.

Lies and corruption

Douglas Murray’s article A Tale of Two Inquiries lays bare the hypocrisy and duplicity of the Labour Party.   He deals with the recently leaked Royall report which shows that students at the Oxford University Labour club who were Jewish were subjected to frequent anti-Semitism.  Murray deals with this report and how Labour tried to conceal the findings and the whole thing reeks of hypocrisy and duplicity. It mirrors what is happening on the left across the pond in America and how the democratic parties nominee for president is turning her own lying into a virtue.

So we have a failed attempt to suppress an internal report and lie about its findings, then we have what seems to be outright corruption where the author of another report, Shami Chakrabarti, gets a peerage for her sterling work as a purviewer of the truth.  Yet all this is not surprising, as Douglas points out since the leader of the Labour party is steeped in antisemitism and has been for decades.

Every time anyone thinks Britain’s Labour party has reached a new low of anti-Semitism, entirely new depths seems to open. In September, I wrote here about how the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour party constituted a “mainstreaming” of racism in the UK. Although Mr Corbyn claims he does not have any tolerance for any hatred of anyone, he is a man who has spent his political life cosying up to anti-Semites and terrorist groups that express genocidal intent against the Jewish people. He has worked closely with Holocaust deniers, praised anti-Semitic extremists and described Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.

See also Douglas’s Britain’s New Mainstream Racists?  and One Law for All’s report Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left.  This clearly shows the left’s close links with Islam and explains the antisemitism within the Labour Party.

The left’s alliance with Islam

What strikes I as an observer of American politics is the similarities between the British Labour party and the left wing organisations (including parts of the Democratic Party) party when it comes to Israel.  We have had an American president that has been decidedly unfriendly to Israel and we have a growing support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which is definitely antisemitic.   Its main supporters are left-wing and Muslim organisations in the States (no surprises there).  For example, we have The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who are at the forefront of the BDS movement.

This short video on CAIR by Robert Spencer is very informative.

Although we see some Democrats supporting BDS, Hillary Clinton is moving the Democratic away from this movement.  Score one for pro-Israel Democrats reports Clinton leading the Democrats back to support for Israel arguing that she was not Obama when it came to Israel.  It is hardly surprising that Obama does not support Israel with his open love affair with Islam.

What the Labour Party and the Democratic Party’s recent experience tells us is that the left have an inherent attraction to support Islam and thus Islam’s antisemitism.  The left is willing to turn a blind eye to the barbaric and antisemitic nature and actions of Political Islam because an alliance is beneficial to both groups.  Americans should take a lesson from Labour’s experience (especially the Jewish community) the longer the Democratic party continues its love affair with organisations like CAIR, antisemitic sentiment will grow stronger and stronger in America.

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Lived and worked in Muslim-majority countries for over 12 years while working in the international development sector as a senior director/manager. This included South East Asia, East, and West Africa (including the Horn of Africa), the Middle East and Afghanistan. Main interests in life is the study of Political Islam and how this has interacted with non-Islamic civilisations, especially Judeo-Christian civilisations, in history and currently.

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