Less Islam, Less Terrorism?

Less Islam, Less Terrorism?

Why does eastern Europe have less Islamic terror attacks?


This is a very interesting question and one poised in my own mind a lot.  Why do Eastern European countries have less, significantly less, Islamic terrorist attacks?  Many would say that it is because they have significantly less Muslim’s living in their countries.  What the Poles have realised is that there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terror attacks a country has to suffer.

Sound racist?  Maybe just stating the obvious?  Douglas Murray raises this very question:

Of course, any connection between the mass influx of people into Europe and the terrorism and other societal problems to which the continent is waking up every day is still frowned upon.

Indeed, there is no faster way to be thrown out of what remains of polite society than suggesting that the immigration and the terrorism may be linked. Yet the link is obvious. For sure there are those who over-egg the point. The Stockholm attacker from April was a recent arrival in that country. As were the axe-wielding train ­attacker last northern summer in Wurzburg, Germany, and the suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany, that same month.

But then the Paris attackers from November 2015 included people born and brought up in France and Belgium.

So while some of the terrorists may have just arrived, others were born in Europe.

This fact is not quite as soothing as the proponents of weak borders and mass immigration would like it to be. For if Europe is doing such a bad job of integrating people who are already here, then who but a madman would seek to propel immigration from Muslim countries to such a historic high? The question goes unanswered because in Europe’s immigration debate it is still very rarely asked.

Murray makes the point that if we wish less Islamic terrorism we should have less Islam.  Is this not the conclusion the Eastern Europeans have come to?

Islamic gender segregation coming to a sports centre near you

Islamic gender segregation coming to a sports centre near you

Swimmers are told to wear burkinis

Under the rules, swimmers – including non-Muslims – are barred from entering the pool in normal swimming attire. Instead they are told that they must comply with the “modest” code of dress required by Islamic custom, with women covered from the neck to the ankles and men, who swim separately, covered from the navel to the knees.

I am sure many remember this article from the Telegraph from 2009 describing how British swim centres are coming under Sharia law – all at taxpayers expense.  I went back and read this piece again since it had been on my mind after taking my son to a swimming gala held by Swim Ulster.  It reminded me of my times in Muslim majority countries where most things were gender segregated and what we would see as normal social interaction is virtually non-existent.

It also reminded me of a business meeting I had in Freetown Sierra Leone with a Lebanese businesswoman (dressed in Western clothing) refused to shake my hand when the meeting concluded.  This surprised me because Muslim women that do not adhere to Islamic dress codes usually have no problems with shaking the hand of a man.  I talked to the friend that introduced me (a Muslim himself) what the issue was and he just laughed and commented that she was torn between Islamic culture and western culture and felt the clothes were acceptable, i.e. no head covering, but the handshake was going too far.

When you travel you expect such things and even in the UK you expect it when you see a Muslim woman adhering to Muslim dress code.  What you don’t expect in the UK, or in Europe, is that the Muslim dress code being imposed on non-Muslims in a public setting.  We have the attitude that if a person wants to dress in a certain way go for it (if it is their own choice and not imposed on them by peer or family pressure).  What we don’t expect in the UK is that publically funded facilities enforce Muslim dress code on anyone.

After all Sharia law is not the law of the land the last time I checked.  Yet we see this increasingly more common and we must ask the question where does it stop?  For example, am I going to be told that I can’t put ham in my children’s lunches because it would offend Muslim pupils?  It is already happening in some parts of the UK and do we expect it to spread as the influence os Sharia law increases in the UK?

Parents launch petition to stop their school serving only halal meat to pupils

Islington Council scraps pork from menus in all primary schools

Muslim Hours at Municipal Swimming Pools in the West

Dhimmis No More Christians’ Trauma in the Middle East

Dhimmis No More Christians’ Trauma in the Middle East

The above heading on dhimmi-hood may be a bit misleading as it implies that the Islamic doctrine and practice of the dhimmi had largely disappeared but was now returning with particular force.  This is not exactly true as the Islamic practice, and enforcement, of the dhimmi status, has never died out in many Muslim majority countries.  You just need to look at the plight of the Christian minority in Egypt to see the reality of this (as cited in Pipe’s article below).  Coptic Christians have never come out of the shadow of the Islamic doctrine and practice of the dhimmi.  Pakistan is another example of this.

The real issue for me as a Christian living in the UK is that most people in Europe, or the West in general, do not take note of what is happening in the Middle East when it comes to non-Muslim minorities – not only the Middle East but all Muslim majority countries – and how this may affect us as more and more Muslims from these countries migrate to the West.  Do we seriously believe that multiculturalism only brings positive benefits to our societies?  Being married to an Asian from a Muslim majority country (who is from a non-Muslim minority) I understand more than most what it means to live in a Muslim majority country as a non-Muslim.  I also understand that in many ways multiculturalism can be a good thing if our society embraces the positive elements of various cultures and rejects the harmful elements of other cultures – like female genital mutilation. honour violence, child marriage intolerance of those who are different and so much more.

Douglas Murray’s comments that migrants do not shed their belief systems just because they come to Europe (or the West in general) is true.  If we invite mass Muslim migration to the UK then we invite many people that believe in the Islamic doctrine of dhimmi-hood for non-Muslims.  The Islamic worldview as expressed and codified in Sharia law is all that matters and the concept of the dhimmi is quite prevalent in Sharia law.

In the article that follows Daniel Pipes gives an overview of the book by Eibner originally posted here. It is a book well worth reading if you want to understand the plight of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim majority countries and what would happen in the West as Islam becomes more and more influential.


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