Less Islam, Less Terrorism?

Less Islam, Less Terrorism?

Why does eastern Europe have less Islamic terror attacks?


This is a very interesting question and one poised in my own mind a lot.  Why do Eastern European countries have less, significantly less, Islamic terrorist attacks?  Many would say that it is because they have significantly less Muslim’s living in their countries.  What the Poles have realised is that there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terror attacks a country has to suffer.

Sound racist?  Maybe just stating the obvious?  Douglas Murray raises this very question:

Of course, any connection between the mass influx of people into Europe and the terrorism and other societal problems to which the continent is waking up every day is still frowned upon.

Indeed, there is no faster way to be thrown out of what remains of polite society than suggesting that the immigration and the terrorism may be linked. Yet the link is obvious. For sure there are those who over-egg the point. The Stockholm attacker from April was a recent arrival in that country. As were the axe-wielding train ­attacker last northern summer in Wurzburg, Germany, and the suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany, that same month.

But then the Paris attackers from November 2015 included people born and brought up in France and Belgium.

So while some of the terrorists may have just arrived, others were born in Europe.

This fact is not quite as soothing as the proponents of weak borders and mass immigration would like it to be. For if Europe is doing such a bad job of integrating people who are already here, then who but a madman would seek to propel immigration from Muslim countries to such a historic high? The question goes unanswered because in Europe’s immigration debate it is still very rarely asked.

Murray makes the point that if we wish less Islamic terrorism we should have less Islam.  Is this not the conclusion the Eastern Europeans have come to?

A memory of one of Ulster’s sacrifices

A memory of one of Ulster’s sacrifices

A visit to a care home for ex-service personnel in Belfast

After lunch today I visited a care home for ex-service personnel in Belfast called the Somme.  Established during the Great War (1914-1918) to treat the wounded coming back to Ulster from the war – still operating today to support service personnel and what the American’s call first responders (police, firemen etc).  My wife has worked there helping to manage the care home for a few years now and since this is the 2nd of July we visited as a family just to show some respect for those that have sacrificed so much for our country and the freedoms we enjoy today.

The Somme is a battle that occurred in July 1916 and led to the deaths of many thousands of young men from Ulster and Ireland as a whole.  My community (the Ulster Scots) remember this each year on the 1st of July (the first day of the battle that saw so many of our young men struck down).  Looking around the facility (which today is a modern thriving place of care for older people that have served their country, a place that still respects the sacrifices of our service personnel – both past and present – have made) reminded me of how grateful we should be for those that have bled and died to preserve the freedoms we have today.

Yet later in the day, I read with sadness the following article by Giulio Meotti: Is Guilt Killing the West from Within?It saddened me to read this article because it is so true in our society.

The Romans called it damnatio memoriae: the damnation of memory that resulted in destroying the portraits and even the names of the fallen emperors. The same process is now underway in the West about its colonial past. The cultural elite in the West now seem so haunted by feelings of imperialist guilt that they are no longer confident that our civilization is something to be proud of.

These words resonated with me because I see this so often in everyday life.  We are made to feel that if we feel any pride in our culture and heritage we are in some way bigoted racists that must be exposed as such and shamed into submission.  It reminded me of all the hype over the BRIXIT vote and how `leavers’ were portrayed as uneducated racists and bigots.  It always seemed to surprise people that I (an educated professional who has traveled the world) would be voting to leave the EU.  How could I?  How dare I?

What saddened me the most about the post BREXIT vote was the anger against older people that had `stolen’ the futures of the British youth.  I thought about this today as I remembered all these young men who had died because they believed in the British way of life and wanted to protect it.  Thousands dying within a few short days because they believed in this – millions over the years of the war.

It saddens and angers me that our cultural heritage, and all that this has brought to the world, is now being seen as something to be despised and a reason for shame.  That our salvation will come when multiculturalism has wiped the evil western system from our collective memories.

A sense of guilt now seems a kind of post-Christian substitute religion that seduces many Westerners. The French scholar Shmuel Trigano suggested that this ideology is turning the Westerners into “post-colonial subjects” who no longer believe in their own civilization, but instead what will destroy it: multiculturalism. In France, for example, a manifesto was launched for “a multicultural and post racial republic”. The result would be, in the words of the anthropologist Jean-Loup Amselle, a “war of identities” and a clash between communities.

Murray put it well in his book The Strange Death of Europe (which I believe everyone should read) when he argues that Europe is committing cultural suicide and that a headlong embracing of this Messianic theology of multiculturalism (as the savour of Western civilisation) will lead to our death as a people and all that we have to offer the world.

Thirty years ago, in a book, The Tears of the White Man, the French philosopher Pascal Bruckner wrote that, “the remorseless and self-righteous critic who endlessly denounces the deceptions of parliamentary democracy is suddenly rapt with admiration before the atrocities committed in the name of the Koran, the Vedas, the Great Helmsman…” Since then, Western elites have excused many crimes committed in the name of political Islam, as if these were the consequences of our own colonial crimes.

Is this not what we see in our societies in the West?  Do our children not come home from our schools and universities feeling that our heritage should be something to be ashamed of and totally rejected?  Yet it is the West that has brought the freedoms that we enjoy to us.  Not communism, not socialism, not Islam but Western Civilisation founded on our Judeo-Christian roots.  Lessons that we need to make sure our children learn: `Least we forget’.

Religion of Peace



Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe

Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe

Is Europe committing cultural suicide?

If you have not read Murry’s book you should buy it right away as it is one of the most significant works in recent years.  In this video, he goes through what is happening in Europe today and gives a very clear analysis (as usual) of the consequences of mass (uncontrolled) immigration of peoples that hold to cultural and ethical mores that are contrary to Western liberal democracies.  As Murray points out, do we think that people shed deep-rooted beliefs and values?



Religion of Peace



Ethnocide in the UK

Ethnocide in the UK

A multicultural family and ethnocide

The definition of ethnocide can be found below:

The deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group.

‘ethnocide is being carried out against the indigenous people by the destruction of our way of life’
Genocide, the physical extinction of a people, is universally condemned, but ethnocide, the destruction of people’s way of life, is not only not condemned, it’s universally celebrated as part of a development strategy. Wade Davis

I recently returned to the UK after a year living and working in Siera Leone in West Africa.  Having worked in South East Asia, the Middle East (including Afghanistan), East and West Africa this was just one in many overseas assignments in my career.  Many had been with my family when the children were young.  In recent years it has been a case of working overseas with my family being based in the UK.  This assignment reinforced the belief that the heritage and culture of the UK is worth fighting for because it is superior, in my opinion, to all other value systems and cultures.  It also reenforced my commitment to fight against the ethnocide of British culture and its heritage.

Being a mixed race family, combined with our overseas experience, you would think that we would be the perfect example of how individual multiculturalism works in real life.  For us, this is the beauty of the British way of life, a way of life where acceptance of different cultures is embedded in our belief system.  We bestow the same rights and freedoms to all others and all we ask is that you respect our way of life and obey our laws – be a good citizen.  Yet acceptance of other cultures and value systems does not mean that we believe that all cultures and value systems have the same value, nor do we (most Britains I believe) accept that our culture and heritage is inferior to other cultures or belief systems.

You would think that our family experience would lead us to be globalists who believed in and supported open borders with all the associated belief in and commitment to the following:

  • All religions are the same and of equal value – if you take a positive view of religion in the world (which of course many do not).
  • All cultures are of equal value, thus multiculturalism only brings positive outcomes and thus should be encouraged.
  • No overarching value system is superior to any other value system (similar to the above point but not exactly the same).

In fact, in a past life, I bought into Tony Blair’s view of the world and that mass migration, mostly for economic reasons, was a good thing for the UK in many different ways.  I was a supporter of ethnocide (subconsciously) in the UK because I bought into the ideology of the left.  An overall view of Tony Blair’s legacy can be found at MPI: The Immigration Legacy of Tony Blair.  A very interesting read is the Guardian’s (left wing to the core): How immigration came to haunt Labour: the inside story.

Jacqui Smith is quoted as saying:

“I used to tell the cabinet, ‘There’s an enormous distinction in the way people feel about immigration between those who live in London or other big cities and those who live in places like my old constituency of Redditch. I don’t think you understand the cultural and emotional impact of sudden change. This isn’t people being racist, but they see their country changing.’”

This rapid change of our culture and values due to mass migration was something large portions of the British population did not sign up to nor want.  When Brown responded to the question of did he get it by answering yes he got it it was obvious that neither he nor a vast majority of the political, academic and media elites did not get it.  People are not racist because they love their own heritage and culture above other cultures.  Believing your culture and national heritage is superior to others is not being bigoted and racist, it only means you love your country above all others and for the life of me no one has given me a rational and intelligent reason why this is so wrong.  For someone like myself who has traveled extensively and been exposed to many different cultures and value systems, it seems logical to love Britain’s heritage and culture.

A rejection of the ethnocide of British culture

As mentioned above I was a great supporter of Blair’s position on the benefits of multiculturalism because I had no real understanding of what it meant.  I was a product of a working-class family that had worked hard and went through university with all the left wing influences that a British university education brings to bear.  My thought processes had never been subjected to a diversity of thought on most issues and the left’s rhetoric and sound bites were appealing to a naive working-class man.  Although I am from the Ulster Scot community in Northern Ireland I had abandoned my communities traditional cultural and political position in favour of left-wing politics. In reality, I had come to a place where I had a distaste for everything that was seen as capitalist (British) and its exploitation of the world.

Anthony Browne puts how I felt well in his article The Left’s war on Britishness

Britain’s self-loathing is deep, pervasive and lethally dangerous. We get bombed, and we say it’s all our own fault. Schools refuse to teach history that risks making pupils proud, and use it instead as a means of instilling liberal guilt. The government and the BBC gush over ‘the other’, but recoil at the merest hint of British culture. The only thing we are licensed to be proud of is London’s internationalism — in other words, that there is little British left about it.

This recounts perfectly my journey to the left and its hatred of everything British.  The answer, of course, is to make sure there is `little British left about it’ [Britian].  So by the time I graduated university in Northern Ireland in 2000 (at the age of 38), having gone through the Open University and the University of Ulster, I had arrived at the above destination.  A loathing of everything British and Western.  I had come to support the left’s position that the answer to this evilness, this abusive cultural and political system was to bring as much non-British culture as possible into Britain.  Only then would we see real social justice and equality in our nation because we would achieve ethnocide of this pernicious culture.

It is significant in my journey to a real understanding of our British heritage and cultural identity (which is the Judeo-Christian heritage) started when I was exposed for the first time to a non-Western culture (when I met my soon to be wife).  After our marriage in 2000, I was asked on numerous occasions why British people hated their own heritage and culture when in fact it had brought so much good to the world.  Why do we despise the real freedoms that we have?

Anthony Browne’s article goes on to say:

Britain is one of the few countries where it is a source of pride to despise your country. We are all repeatedly taught the things to be ashamed of about Britain, but what about the things to be proud of? The truth is that Britain’s self-loathing is as unique as it is unwarranted. Britain really is great. These small rainswept isles off the western end of the vast Eurasian landmass have contributed far more to the well-being of the rest of humanity than any other country, bar none.

An Asian immigrant challenged me to look at more than one side of the story yet I was resistant.  When I did think about it I had to admit that what Browne points out in his article is correct – Britain influenced the world more than any other country, ideology or political system.  Our heritage is not something to be ashamed of, or to despise, but something to be proud of and to embrace.  This is why we should resist the ethnocide of our culture.

The Ethnocide of British culture and heritage?

In his book, The Strange Death of Europe Douglas Murray looks at the 2015 mass migration into Europe and how this will likely affect Europe politically, culturally and most likely in every way that is important to the future of Western Civilisation.  In many ways, he outlines the ethnocide of Europe’s heritage and culture because those coming into Europe are, in many ways, opposed to the very nature of Western liberal democracy.  A large proportion of these migrants are Muslim’s from countries that are not supportive of Western liberal values and as Murray points out, in many of his writings, such people do not miraculously become like us (Europen) in the way they think and behave.  They bring their own belief systems with them and as we have seen in recent years expect Europe to change in order to accommodate them.  They want to see the ethnocide of Western culture and replace it with their own.

Murray and others argue that because Europe has a self-loathing of its heritage and culture it is open to losing itself because when these aggressive migrants. with their strongly held belief systems, come to Europe culturally we are unable to resist.  If we are ashamed of our own heritage and culture why would we defend it?  Those that are not ashamed of their heritage and culture are branded racist and bigots and thus are silenced by European elites leaving us more vulnerable to this cultural take over of Europe.  For the left, if mass Muslim migration hastens the ethnocide of Western culture all the better.

In his article: Death of Europe: Europeans are losing the place they call home. Murray asks the question: IS OUR continent on a suicide mission?  He goes on to say:

I have travelled to the places where migrants continue to land and the places where they keep ending up. Everywhere I have gone I have come to the same conclusion: our continent is in the process of self-murder.

His conclusions in this article (and his book) is that if we continue down this road we are heading for the ethnocide of everything Europe was (is) and that Europeans will lose the only home they have.  As he points out we Europeans have nowhere else to go – we have only one home and if we lose it we lose everything.

An example of what the current form of multiculturalism brings to Britain

As noted above the left in Europe, and elsewhere, have been pushing the ideological position that our heritage and culture has nothing in it to be proud of and we must replace it – usher in ethnocide.  I, like many, bought into this ideology until I started to be challenged about it.

Having just finished a year in Sierra Leone which is in many ways a beautiful country.  Its people are friendly, welcoming and mostly non-violent towards others.  This is especially true of people from a British background as they see Britain as one of their friends in the world.

Yet having said the above there is a real dark side to Selone culture which illustrated to me once again that all cultures do not have equal value and that the multicultural mantra that we have to embrace every culture as having equal value is wrong.

For those of us that grew up in the UK being taught Western liberal values,  values that guarantee us such things as free speech and the right to be protected under the law – that every person is treated equally under the law no matter what religious, ethnic or cultural group they are from.  It does not matter whether you are from a minority, or not, you have the protection of the law as well as all the freedoms that come with living in the UK.

Under British law, there are things that are wrong: stealing, rape, violence against others (including murder) and child abuse to name just a few things that we believe are wrong in every circumstance.  For example, it is always wrong to kill a young woman for `dishonouring’ her family.  We also believe in equality when it comes to individuals and groups of individuals.  In the UK we have developed these freedoms and protections over hundreds of years and our forefathers fought and died (in many cases) to protect these freedoms from those that would have taken them from us.

The author’s individual journey to understanding the heritage that was provided to him as a British citizen, started with a challenge from his wife and developed as he lived and worked overseas and experienced many other cultures first hand.  It lead to the question: do all cultures have equal value?  It led to the conclusion that all cultures do not hold equal value and although there are many elements of different cultures and belief systems that do have value, every element of a culture may not have value. On the contrary, should be rejected as a violation of our values.

A perfect example of this is Female Genital Mutilation

This is described by the NHS as:

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a procedure where the female genitals are deliberately cut, injured or changed, but where there’s no medical reason for this to be done. It’s also known as “female circumcision” or “cutting”, and by other terms such as sunna, gudniin, halalays, tahur, megrez and khitan, among others. FGM is usually carried out on young girls between infancy and the age of 15, most commonly before puberty starts. It is illegal in the UK and is child abuse.

On Saturday 17th May, a nine year old Sierra Leonean girl died from female genital mutilation (FGMSL Report Flyer). This case is unusual but only in that it was made public and reported. Despite being widespread in Sierra Leone FGM is shrouded in secrecy and rarely openly discussed.

You can follow the link to the report by clicking the report cover (to the right).  You can find reports on numerous countries on the 28TOOMANY website.

When you spend some time in Sierra Leone you soon learn that there are dark aspects to the countries culture.  Since there are significant numbers of Leone’s in the UK should we accept this aspect of their culture as having equal value to British values and culture?  According to the 2001 census, there were 16,972 Leone’s living in the UK that were born in outside of the UK.

FORWARD gives us the following facts about FGM in the UK:

FORWARD’s work on FGM FORWARD works in the UK, Europe and Africa to safeguard girls at risk of FGM and support women affected. We do this through direct community engagement, advocacy and strategic partnerships. You can read more about our work in the UK here, Europe here and our work in Africa here. 60,000 girls under 15 are at risk of FGM in the UK 137,000 girls and women are living with the consequences of FGM in the UK

The Guardian has an interesting article on FGM (supporting their campaign against it):  FGM is banned but very much alive in the UK

Reports that “cutters” are at work, some working in expensive private clinics, have come out of major cities including London, Birmingham and Bristol, says Sarah McCulloch, from the Agency for Culture and Change Management. “Wherever [ethnic minority] communities [that practise FGM] are residing, it is a problem,” she says. “Because why would they stop? Why should they stop? What will make them stop? Guardian Today: the headlines, the analysis, the debate – sent direct to you Read more “No one is giving them information. If they arrive in this country, they do not know the laws of the land – they come with their cultures and hold on to them.”

They come with their cultures and hold on to them.  This is a telling statement and confirms what Murray and others have been telling us for years.  The law of the land is clear.  This practice is against our law yet those committed to this `cultural’ practice do not take our laws seriously.  Why should they, there are no consequences for breaking our laws.

The above is just one example of the harmful cultural practices imported to the UK.  We could also list:

  • Forced Child and women’s marriage
  • `Honour’ killings – predominantly of women
  • Blasphemy laws were people are punished (sometimes with threats of death, sometimes with actual death) – in Islam
  • Apostasy laws where people can be killed for leaving Islam
  • Homosexuality a criminal offense – ultimate punishment in Islam is death)
  • Sharia law – the law of Allah being supreme (a theocracy)

The above are just a small sample of things that are not compatible with British/Western values and norms.  Yet within our society Islam is protected/given special treatment and seems to possess an unrivaled position with our elites.  Yet Western heritage and culture (especially Judeo-Christian heritage) is being attacked and undermined.  The left would rather import cultures and value systems that would destroy the evil heritage of the West – because it helps them achieve the ethnocide of British culture and heritage.

In the video below Faith Goldy interviews George Hutcheson, Director of Students for Western Civilisation in Toronto for an in-depth look at the ethnocidal face of multiculturalism.  They ask the questions:

  • What is the relation between multiculturalism and ethnocide?
  • How have the neo-Marxist doctrines of critical race theory and decolonization played into European consciousness in Canada?

Although this concerns Canada we can ask the very same questions (and get the same answers) about the UK.  It seems obvious that the letf’s war on Western culture and its heritage to the world is worldwide.  It, as an ideolgy, wants the ethnocide of Western culture and if gringing in cultures and value systems that are not compatable to Western values then so be it.













Ingrid Carlqvist a Swedish Racist and Islamophobe

Ingrid Carlqvist a Swedish Racist and Islamophobe

The silencing of dissent – A strategy facilitated by mainstream media

You are a bigot, racist, xenophobe, islamophobe and far right Nazi. This is a tried and tested tactic used by the left, political elite and mainstream media to seek to silence those that oppose their narrative.  Ingrid Carqvist is such a person according to the political elite and mainstream media.  In many ways you know that your message is effective when the powers to be resort to labelling  you as such.  You also know that they have no response to what you are saying.  You would think they could come up with something original yet they never do.  They will stick to this tactic because it works 95% of the time.  Most people are silenced by even the threat of being labelled such.  We have been conditioned to automatically fear this label being applied to us.  Is it not the worst thing that could ever happen to us?  Should we not avoid this like the plague?

The dirty words of Europe

We in Europe live in societies where a self-loathing of Western culture, values and especially our history  is propagated by the left, much of the intellectual elite, the political elite and mainstream media.  It is as if no good thing came out of Europe and that the only thing we should feel when we look at our history is regret and shame for the great evils that we brought to the world.

Probably the three things we hear most about are the crusades, colonialism and slavery.  Europeans raped and plundered the world with no perceptible benefit except the economic enrichment of Europe at the expense of those colonised.  We are the rapers and exploiters of the world who need to show repentance and remorse to the world and individual and national shame for the harm we brought to the world.  Sound familiar?

A White European

We have been taught for so long that one of the worst things in life is to attach any value to being a white European (because it was white Europeans that perpetrated all of the above).  It does not matter what your nationality is, most of us are terrified of saying we are proud to be white Europeans, or that our communities have real worth.  Many of us will not even think of saying this in public because we would automatically be labelled a racist and a white supremacist. White Europeans have so much to be ashamed of and nothing to feel pride in, is this not what we are bombarded with in schools, universities and the mainstream media?  Is it any wonder that our kids are so confused about their own cultural and historical heritage?

Different racial groups are encouraged to have pride in their racial heritage except for those who are racially white, and it seems that those that are seeking to make white people ashamed of who they are, are other white people in the main.  It seems we can say black pride, Asian pride, Arab pride but not white pride.

No one should be made to feel shame or inferiority because of their racial background.  It does not matter whether you are white, Asian, black, latino, Arab, Indian or any other racial group, you are not an inferior person because of your racial background.  But neither are you racially, intellectually or morally superior because you come from a particular racial group.  Gene pool may make some individuals predisposed to certain skills or abilities but to argue that racial background makes you inherently better than a person of another racial background is ludicrous.  To believe it does is racial supremacy and is the real cause of racism.

Being white does not make you inherently better than a black or Asian person.  Just as being black does not make you inherently better than a white person or an Arab person.  So no one should be ashamed of who they are racially and the converse is true being proud of your racial makeup is not racist (which in effect is having an affinity and pride in your community).


Another word that we must be ashamed of in Europe is nationalist.  If you love your country you seem to turn into something akin to a Nazi.  So all our beloved service personnel that gave their all to defend our country were secret Nazi’s or worse.  I thought it was called patriotism or is this illegal now in our politically correct world?

A love of one’s country is seen as a betrayal of the left’s ideas of multiculturalism where there is no room for love of one’s culture because it is closely tied with pride in a country’s history (and when we are made to feel ashamed of being white European this is what they mean, to be ashamed of our European culture and historical heritage).   A sense of a love of being Swedish or French or British is abhorrent to the left because you must support the grand multicultural social engineering project. How can you not, it is the only decent and moral thing to do.  If you don’t want your culture swallowed up by the multicultural monster, if you like your culture, if you want to keep your culture then you are the worst kind of bigot, racist  and xenophobe.

Under the tyranny of multiculturalism, every culture has equal value and meaning except for Western culture.  To maintain that Western culture is inherently superior to other cultures is the worst form of heresy and needs to be eradicated at all costs.  Yet the reality is that Western culture/civilisation is superior to most other cultures as a whole.  It is not perfect, but it is the best thing we have at this point in time, and it is right and proper to say it is superior to cultures (ideologies) that tolerate and encourage the abuse of women, FGM, honour killings, the killings of gays, and apostates.  Of course, we are talking about Islam.  It is right and proper that we reject Islam as incompatible with Western values because it is.

Ingrid Carlqvist accused of being a Swedish Racist, bigot, islamophobe and xenophobe

I want to introduce  Ingrid Carlqvist.  Quite an interesting Swedish journalist and activist who speaks it how it is. Because of this, she is labelled all of the above.   View this short video and you will find out she is not what the left and Islam accuse her of.  As I said in the above it is the old tactic of intimidation.  Seek to destroy the name of those exposing the truth of the matter, if you can’t destroy the message destroy the person’s reputation so that no one will listen to them.  In my opinion, the future of Europe is in the hands of people like Ingrid.  We should not be ashamed of her, as she is saying what most of us are afraid to say.  We should be openly supporting her and her work as it is people like her that are fighting for the future of our civilisation.  Without such voices, we are lost and we owe her and others like her our gratitude.

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An unstoppable tide of liberalism?

An unstoppable tide of liberalism?

Many of us in Europe feel that we are on the verge of being swept away by  an unstoppable tide of liberalism. Otherwise known as the progressive movement, or as I like to coin it the regressive movement.  Regressive because we are regressing to a time in our history where individual freedoms had not been attained and totalitarian systems of government were commonplace (more…)

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Decision time

My wife asked me last week how I was going to vote and at the time I honestly did not know the answer (maybe like many others).  If I was honest with myself I suffer from the

Northern Irish apathy towards politics and politicians.   It seems to me that my local politicians are completely removed from reality and too entrenched in historical infighting (both sides of the divide as we call it) that they are missing what real people are focusing on in their lives. (more…)

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An Ulster Scot

I am an Ulster Scot (Scots Irish as some prefer) and I was born in Belfast to an Ulster Scot working class family in 1962.  I was seven years of age when the most recent period of political and cultural strife rocked the north of Ireland.  This period was called the ‘troubles’ and lasted between 1968/9 and 1998 when the Good Friday Agreement  was signed and like many I was a child of the troubles. (more…)

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks on Islam and the Defense of Western Civilization

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks on Islam and the Defense of Western Civilization

Ayaan Hirsi Ali an introduction 

It is always best to let a person introduce themselves and the following short bio is from her website.  Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of the most courageous and inspiring people this world has the privilege to know.  Her life’s work deserves our support in whatever way we can give it.  But one of the most important things for us in the West is to listen to her and heed her wisdom (born out of experience).  In this interview, she discusses sharia law and its incompatibility with Western values.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder of the AHA Foundation

AHA Foundation Founder, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is known as a women’s rights activist, champion of free speech, and best-selling author. She is also known as someone who is not afraid to speak out when she feels it necessary.

Ayaan’s journey began in Somalia in 1969 where, as a young girl, she was subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). From very early on, she questioned the subjugation of women she saw all around her; while listening to a sermon on the many ways women should be obedient to their husbands, she couldn’t resist asking, “Must our husbands obey us too?”

Ayaan’s path led her many places, but upon being forced by her father to marry a distant cousin, she fled to Holland and claimed political asylum. Once there, she worked her way up from being a janitor to serving as an elected member of the Dutch parliament. As a member of parliament, she campaigned to raise awareness of violence against women, including honor killings and FGM, practices that had followed her fellow immigrants into Holland.

In 2004 Ayaan gained international attention following the murder of Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh had directed her short film Submission, a film about the oppression of women under Islam. The assassin left a death threat for her pinned to Van Gogh’s chest. This tragic event, and Ayaan’s life leading up to it, are all chronicled in her best-selling book, Infidel. She is also the author of Caged Virgin, Nomad and most recently another bestseller Heretic: Why Islam Needs Reformation Now.

Ayaan has shown great courage, risking her life to voice the injustice she sees around her. But she has done more than speak out. Ayaan has channeled her life experiences, and the attention she garnered, towards the AHA Foundation. She took tangible action to protect women and girls from the honor violence she herself and so many others she knew faced.


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