Theresa Corbin, CNN, and the Myth of the Muslim Feminist

Some readers may have read my recent piece on Muslim immigration and our children’s future where I considered how things would change for our children in the West as Islam’s influence and power increased due to simple demographics (the more Muslims there are in a country the more influence they will wield).  In this piece, I talked about how the increasing influence of Sharia law in the West would change our societies in a negative way.

Having researched the subject a little more over the last few days I have come across some very interesting articles from various women that maintain that they converted to Islam because it appealed to their feminist leanings.  Obviously, this struck me as very strange given the fact that Islam is very clear on the place of women in Islam and any self-respecting feminist would recoil from Islam.  The piece on the place of women in Islam (according to Islam) The place of women in Islam – Hijab, The Dress of Modesty in Islam is very instructive and is worth reading by any who foolishly believe that Islam and feminism are compatible.

The above title is taken from the attached video by David Wood on an article written by Theresa Corbin.  You can see much of her writings here.  Obviously a vocal proponent of Islam and one that seems in a state of self-delusion and total ignorance of what Islam really is and what it really means for a woman when Sharia is the law of the land.

It has always been of great interest to me (as someone who has lived and worked in Muslim majority countries and whose wife grew up in one as a non-Muslim minority) how `feminists’ can have an informed opinion of life for a woman under Sharia law when they have never lived under Sharia law.  Instead, they enjoy the benefits of societies that reject Sharia law and thus do not have to comply with Islam’s position on women.  Would Theresa Corbin have the same views if she lived under Sharia as a woman?  How would her feminist principles hold up then?

The article that David wood is responding to in his video is I’m a feminist and I converted to Islam and can be found by following the link embedded in the title.  The statement that struck me in the article was:

Surprisingly, Islam turned out to be the religion that appealed to my feminist ideals.

I have to say I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I read this.  It seemed so incredulous that an intelligent woman living in the West could actually say this about Islam.  It led me to ask the questions that David Wood asks in his video about her knowledge of Islam and the place of women in Islam.

In a recent piece introducing a video on the subject of women in Islam – looking at the experiences of three ex Muslim women – it was said:

Our culture is full of wisdom in the ordinary things.  One of the pearls I love is the saying that goes: The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The piece in question is Islam, Modesty, and Feminism – how will this affect women in the West?  The video attached to this piece gives the experiences of three young ex Muslim women and it reflects the above saying.  David Wood responds from the Islamic official position on women and these three women share their personal experiences of Islam.


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Lived and worked in Muslim-majority countries for over 12 years while working in the international development sector as a senior director/manager. This included South East Asia, East, and West Africa (including the Horn of Africa), the Middle East and Afghanistan. Main interests in life is the study of Political Islam and how this has interacted with non-Islamic civilisations, especially Judeo-Christian civilisations, in history and currently.

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