Islam, Modesty and Feminism – Sarah Haider, Hiba Krisht & Ghada

In recent weeks I have been thinking a lot about the place of women in the West if Islam increases its influence and Sharia gradually gets a foothold in our societies and ends up controlling the lives of our grandchildren.  I considered this in my piece on Muslim immigration and our children’s future.

Our culture is full of wisdom in the ordinary things.  One of the pearls I love is the saying that goes: The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

In many ways, I have lived this as I have lived and worked in Muslim majority countries for a significant amount of time and my wife hails from a Muslim majority country in Asia (as a non-Muslim minority).  Yet I lived there as a male non-Muslim and because I worked for international organisations I was in many ways isolated from the personal control of Sharia in my life (but still had to obey Sharia in public).  But you never really understand something unless it is dominant in your life.  You can only judge the quality of something after you have tried, used, or experienced it.

So what is it like for a woman to live under Sharia regulations?   What would it be like for women living under Sharia and stripped off all the rights provided by Western society?

These three women discuss it and give their personal experiences of it.  It is part of the work of Ex Muslims of North America – an organisation well worth following.









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Lived and worked in Muslim-majority countries for over 12 years while working in the international development sector as a senior director/manager. This included South East Asia, East, and West Africa (including the Horn of Africa), the Middle East and Afghanistan. Main interests in life is the study of Political Islam and how this has interacted with non-Islamic civilisations, especially Judeo-Christian civilisations, in history and currently.

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