David Wood on Home Secretary May’s ban of David Spenser to the UK

Now that we have May as our Prime Minister it is good to remind ourselves where she stands when it comes to the Religion of Peace and open debate on Islam.  I have already discussed her commitment to trying to convince us that sharia is good for Britain and that Islam is indeed a Religion of Peace.

In the past week I have written on the most recent Islamic attacks in Europe and how our politicians are in effect telling us that our rights to be protected from murderous Islamist terrorists has been abrogated in favour of the rights of immigrants, many of whom are the very Islamic terrorists that are seeking to destroy our civilisation.  Yet just like Merkel, May is pandering to the whims of Islam and the governments fear of what will happen if they really upset the Religion of Peace and tolerance.

Watch David Wood’s video (it is only just over 5 minutes long).

David is one of the clearest voices out there and gives a clear example to Christians how to approach Islam and the dangers it presents to us and to western civilisation.  The more Islamic terrorists attack us the more our governments want to stifle dialogue and debate, or even just real news.  We have seen it on the BBC when Islamic terror attacks are explained away as something else, deranged young men, too much violent computer games anything but Islamist terrorists.  It reminds me of Obama’s America: Don’t mention Islamic terrorism under any circumstances.  Why?  Maybe the public (you and I) will find out the real extent of the problem.

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David Wood
David Wood is an American evangelical missionary and Christian apologist. He is currently head of the Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry. He is a member of the Society of Christian Philosophers and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. Wood has participated in numerous public debates with Muslims and atheists, usually in a public hall or in front of a university audience including Sunni Muslim apologist Shabir Ally. Wood was invited on several ABN shows, in inter-religious discussions against atheism and Islam, where among other things he regularly appears on the Aramaic Broadcasting Network.

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