Sharia Law and Western Societies – The impact of mass Muslim migration

When it comes Sharia law and how mass Muslim migration will impact our lives as non-Muslims is something I consider a lot. On many occasions, I refer to the work by Douglas Murray (The Strange Death of Europe) because it is such an important work for modern Europe and the world and should be read by all who have an interest in our society and what we will be leaving our children.

Murray quotes Pew research on many occasions because it is such an important resource about how our world thinks and behaves.  One important piece of research is The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society.  This research from Pew looks at how Muslims think about Sharia law and should inform us on how Sharia will impact our lives – the more Muslims we import as migrants the more influence Sharia will have on our daily lives and the lives of our children.

The report that Dr. Warner refers to is Muslim Beliefs and Practices: A Global Demographic Assessment and he summaries its findings (a condensed version of the report can be found here) in this video.

A question that is always on my mind is how this importation of migrants, on such a massive scale, is going to impact the lives of my children once demographics kicks in?  More and more pressure will come to bear to implement Sharia law in our countries.  What will life be like for my children in twenty years?  Having lived in a number of Muslim majority countries that practice Sharia I fear for the future of my children and Europeans, in general, should fear the loss of our way of life and the freedoms that we have.





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Lived and worked in Muslim-majority countries for over 12 years while working in the international development sector as a senior director/manager. This included South East Asia, East, and West Africa (including the Horn of Africa), the Middle East and Afghanistan. Main interests in life is the study of Political Islam and how this has interacted with non-Islamic civilisations, especially Judeo-Christian civilisations, in history and currently.

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