A modern-day COLD CASE

I have to say I am a lover of mysteries especially when they involve suspense and an aspect of irony when you eventually find out the likely truth of the matter.  The most endearing cases are those that elude solving.  Jack the Ripper is a case in point.  So much speculation and mystery.

Many of us seem to have a fascination with historical killings and the older the better.  Cases that have become COLD, dead ends and not likely to be solved.  Yet when Wood’s asks who killed Muhammad we all may think that this does not fall into the classification of a mystery since it is clearly recorded who actually killed him and she paid the ultimate price for doing so (if the official Muslim account is true that is).

Muhammad’s death seems the ultimate irony

When we consider the life of Muhammad we see that once he arrived in Medina his life of violent Jihad commenced.  Within a few years he was openly targeting the Jews for their wealth and position and in relatively short order had either banished or annihilated the three Jewish tribes around Medina.

As David Wood points out in his short video, Muhammad continued on his course of Jihad against the Jews and

Kinana ibn al Rabi tortured & murdered by Muhammad the Prophet & Muslims

captured the Jewish settlement of Khaibar.  As usual rape, death and torture occurred with Muhammad torturing one of the settlements leaders (Kinana ibn al Rabi) to find out where they had hidden their wealth.

Obviously, this was just one instance in a long line of violent attacks against Jewish settlements and of course Muhammad’s murderous terror campaigns were well known throughout the region. His MO was quite simple, attack a settlement, kill or capture the men of fighting age, take anything of value, rape the attractive women and then enslave anyone that was left as either personal slaves (including sex slaves) or for resale at the slave markets.

The stupidest prophet to have ever lived

The apostle Paul (a real apostle from God and probably the most hated Chrisitan in all Islam) says: A man reaps what he sows or as Job declares: According to what I have seen, those who plow iniquity And those who sow trouble harvest it.  It is a pity Muhammad did not know the God he claimed to serve a little bit better.  Or even a better understanding of real life – that a violent life can lead to violent consequences in ones own life.

You could not make up such a story.  The classical villain who murders and rapes and then comes to grief at the hands of one of  his victims.  Muhammad’s reign of terror eventually comes to an end at the hands of a Jewish woman that had just witnessed the murder of her family.  But what strikes me, is not only  the irony of it all but the stupidity of Muhammad and his men.  Are we to believe that Muhammad and all his `court’ were all so stupid as to use such a woman to prepare food without close supervision?  You would think men with so many enemies would have a bit more sense would you not?  Or is this a cover up to hide the fact that someone else poisoned  Muhammad three years later?

David Wood’s entertaining video on the death of Muhammad

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David Wood
David Wood is an American evangelical missionary and Christian apologist. He is currently head of the Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry. He is a member of the Society of Christian Philosophers and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. Wood has participated in numerous public debates with Muslims and atheists, usually in a public hall or in front of a university audience including Sunni Muslim apologist Shabir Ally. Wood was invited on several ABN shows, in inter-religious discussions against atheism and Islam, where among other things he regularly appears on the Aramaic Broadcasting Network.

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