Bassam Zawadi has written a series of “rebuttals” to several of my articles. I have ignored them because they are so shallow. However, Amir, who was once a Muslim and left it after reading my book has been insisting that I respond to them. I promised him that I would and he has held me to my promise even though I have a lot to do.  Anyway a promise is a promise. Here is my second response to Bassam Zawadi’s “rebuttal”.  I wished someone with a bit more knowledge would write a rebuttal to my articles.

Ali Sina’s problem here isn’t with the Holy Prophet (S), but in fact it is with Aisha (R). The reasons why this accusation is itself lame are because:

1)       Back then, it was perfectly normal for a girl at young age to marry. We know this because before Aisha was married to the Holy Prophet (S), she was engaged to someone else


At no time it was “perfectly normal” for an old man to marry little girls. In the old days parents use to betroth their children, sometimes in their infancy. This was done until very recently (70 years ago) in some villages in Iran.  Gandhi and his wife were ten and nine years old when they married. That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about an old man having sex with a little girl. We are talking about pedophilia.  It is normal for children to fall in love.  They fall in love with another child of their own age. But it is not normal for a fifty year old man to fall in love with a six year old girl.


2)       Who are we to tell Aisha now what is right for her and what is wrong for her? Aisha (R) remained all her life married to the Holy Prophet (S), and even when she was given the chance to divorce the Holy Prophet (S), she did not divorce him! A case like this shows that both of them loved each other


A six year old child is not in any position to choose her life partner. In the case of Aisha she probably thought this is normal because even her benighted parents had consented to this shameful betrayal of their trust.

We are not concerned about Aisha. She is dead. We are concerned about millions of little girls who are victimized today because of this tradition set by Muhammad.

To say Aisha was given the choice to divorce Muhammad is a silly argument. Divorce him and were to go? Medina had become the compound of Muhammad and every Muslim had become a cultist. The atmosphere was full of terror. How could she live a normal life after divorcing Muhammad? Anyway, this did not apply to Aisha who was brainwashed since childhood. This applied to Safiyah, Rayhanah and Juwariyah who were captives, whose relatives had been slaughtered and their villages destroyed. Where could they go?

Cultists do stupid things. Many cultists allow their wife or daughter to have sex with their beloved leader. This does not mean that they do it with conscience. Cultists lose their conscience and can no longer be regarded as responsible people.


3)       Noone objected to Aisha’s marriage with the Holy Prophet (S), infact everyone was happy! It seems the only person who has a problem, is Ali Sina and his crowd.


In a cultic atmosphere no one objects to the despicable deeds of the leader.  The cultist becomes befogged and those few who see something is wrong do not dare to question.  I have explained this phenomenon with many examples of modern day cults in my book Understanding Muhammad.


4) It was Aisha’s parents who approved of this marriage. They deemed it good to marry their daughter to the Holy Prophet (S), and indeed they did a great thing, as Aisha grew up to be a great scholar of Islam!


The followers of David Koresh let him sleep with their wives while they themselves were told to practice celibacy. Cultists do very stupid things. They are no longer in control of what they do.

This man says he saw Khomeini solicited one of his devout followers to let him have sex with his five year old daughter. The man agreed. The little girl screamed and cried all the night and the father heard everything and smiled. Does that mean what Khomeni did was okay because that foolish father agreed?  You must read my book to understand cultic mentality and hence you will understand Islam.

Aisha was no scholar. She was someone who remembered what Muhammad did and said and narrated them. That does not make her a scholar. But then again, all Muslim scholars are of that kind.  They are a bunch of ignoramuses who have memorized the hadith and the Quran mindlessly, but understand nothing and cannot reason like normal people.  I have not memorized any of that garbage, but I can defeat all Muslim scholars because I understand Islam.  Anyone can do that. If you understand Islam you can defeat all Muslim scholars.  If you read my book, you will understand Islam.


5)       When one looks up the definition of a “pedophile”, you will find that pedophiles have: “”Low self esteem. Many pedophiles, although by no means all, do not have a great sense of capacity for adopting a sexual demeanor towards adults or those of their own age or older. They feel unhappy and fearful at the prospect of sexual behaviour with adults and hence turn to children due to the fact that they are unable to have the strength of personality to seek adults for sexual demeanor. When considering treatment therefore it is important to establish and develop a higher sense of self-esteem in such individuals.” (Source). Obviously that is not the case with the Holy Prophet (S), as his other wives were older then Aisha, two of his wives were older then him, specifically Sauda (R) and Khadijah (R).


Muhammad had a very low self esteem. That is why he developed narcissism. Narcissism is a reaction to hide the low self esteem. I have explained this in my book extensively.

Muhammad was unable to have a normal relationship with women of his age. Khadijah was to him a sugar mommy.  She took care of all his needs like a mother would do. That woman had her own psychological problems. She suffered from co-dependency aka inverted narcissism.  After her death Muhammad did not marry a woman of his own age. Sauda was at least half his age and then he kept collecting teenagers.


6)       If the Holy Prophet (S) was a pedophile (Astaghfirullah), then one must ask why didn’t he consummate his marriage with Aisha right there and then when Aisha (R) was six years old? Infact, this source says: “Lack of impulse control. Many pedophiles find it extremely difficult to deal with the impulsive nature which inclines them towards sexual behaviour to children. They simply cannot control their need for engaging children in sexual practices. They might be said to suffer from an obsessive-compulsive condition. Here again treatment would involve developing better impulse control and of course redirecting the sexual inclinations.” (Source, same as above). Thus, if the Holy Prophet (S) was a “pedophile”, according to the definition of a pedophile, he would have no control over his sexual desire. On the contrary, the Holy Prophet (S) waited 3 years after the marriage contract to consummate his marriage with Aisha.


Muhammad wanted to consummate his “marriage” with Aisha right away. Abu Baker pleaded with him to wait.  Muhammad did not want to lose the trust of his foolish follower and complied.

We must also remember that Muhammad was not just a pedophile. He wanted to be a prophet and hence he had to preserve an image of propriety. We see him in Jaun, after raiding that town and killing people, a little girl with her wet nurse are brought to him and he tells her to give herself to him. The girl says can a princess give herself to an ordinary man? Muhammad raises his hand to beat her and she screams, “I beseech Allah from you.” Muhammad stops. That is because his followers were watching. He had to balance between his animal instinct and his deception of being a prophet and portraying an image of holiness.

Of course pedophiles exert some self control.  They don’t jump on all children they see. They wait for an appropriate time when they cannot be caught.  All predetor animals know when it is not safe to attack. The fact that Muhammad waited for three years was to appease Abu Bakr and it is not an indication that he had self control.

It is unbelievable that a person becomes so bereft of reason that would defend such a perversity and bring up these silly excuses to justify such a hideous crime. That is what blind faith does to cultists.  Poor Zawadi is a cultist. Even he may leave Islam if he reads my book.

Muhammad did suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have dedicated a whole chapter in my book to this topic alone.


7)       Can we honestly say Aisha (R) would’ve remained with the Holy Prophet (S) after she was allegedly “molested”? We must remember that Aisha (R) was very wise, and a great orator and she was quick to comment when she saw something wrong. If she was in any way, shape or form “molested” by the Holy Prophet (S), then she would’ve never remained married to him!


Having sex with a child is molesting her. There is no other way to put it. The fact that the victim is not aware of the abuse does not mean that the abuse does not take place.  There are many cases of children that are abducted and abused for years and they get used to it and do not escape even when they have a chance. The case of Elizabeth Smart is a good example.

She was kidnapped raped daily but when found by police she was not cooperating and claimed to be someone else.    You must read the chapter titled Psychology of Fear in the latest edition of my book to understand this phenomenon.


8)       The women who spoke to Aisha (R) when she was marrying the Holy Prophet (S) were happy for Aisha. When she married the Holy Prophet (S), they praised her, they didn’t cry for her, or pity her for marrying a person who is, allegedly, as Ali Sina claims a “pedophile” (Astaghfirullah!).


This is cultic behavior. The followers of Jim Jones cheerfully gave the poison laced Cool Aid to their children and drank it themselves. Does this make what they did normal? Listen to this horrifying last tape in Jamestown.  Everyone is happy to commit suicide.  This is cultic mentality that describes Muslims’ behavior who praise “martyrdom” and murder.


9)       Even the Non-Muslims who were quick to yell and shout when they saw something they didn’t like in Islam didn’t think anything was wrong with this marriage. After all, how can they say this marriage was wrong, when in the Arab culture it is normal for a girl at a young age to marry?


It is not normal for 50 year old men to have sexual feelings for little girls. This is part of human psychology and has nothing to do with culture.  It is simply not possible for normal men to have any other feeling for little girls other than parental feeling.  If an adult feels sexual feeling for little girls he is a sick person that has to seek psychological help or shoot himself quickly before causing harm to innocent children.

Not even Arabs with such a low morality married little girls when they were that old.  For a normal man it is not possible to feel sexual by a little child.  What part of this Zawadi does not understand? Even though pedophilia is legitimized, most Muslims don’t practice it. It is legal, but they don’t do it because they don’t get aroused by children. Muhammad gave legitimacy to pedophiles.

Didn’t the enemies of Muhammad criticize him for it? How does Zawadi know? They were all subdued and no trace of their criticism was left.


10)   Do we honestly think if Aisha (R) were alive today, she would support people like Ali Sina, who claim she was molested, and that her husband was a “pedophile”??


Probably not! Aisha was so victimized that she had no understanding of what is normal.  Many Muslims are unaware of the abuse that they suffer. But when they leave Islam and start seeing the abuse, it is then that they come to despise Muhammad. This does not happen with ex-Christians, ex-Jews or ex-Hindus. Only ex-Muslims see the extent of abuse. Others simply leave their faiths and say it was a lie. Muslims see more than lie. They also see the abuse. Brainwashed people don’t see the abuse.


Lastly, we end this section with some quotes from Aisha (R):

Sahih Al-Bukhari

Volume 1, Book 6, Number 299:

Narrated ‘Abdur-Rahman bin Al-Aswad:

(on the authority of his father) ‘Aisha said: “Whenever Allah’s Apostle wanted to fondle anyone of us during her periods (menses), he used to order her to put on an Izar and start fondling her.” ‘Aisha added, “None of you could control his sexual desires as the Prophet could.


I have quoted this hadith in my book and explained it. Muhammad was impotent. It is not that he controlled himself. He simply could not do it. He satisfied his lust by fondling his wives but was unable to perform intercourse.


Sahih Muslim

Book 006, Number 2439:

‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) used to kiss (his wives) while fasting and embraced (them) while fasting; but he had the greatest mastery over his desire among you.

Thus, according to the words of our Mother Aisha (R), the Holy Prophet (S) had the greatest control over his desire amongst the people. Thus, Aisha (R) herself has refuted the Christian missionaries, and anti-Islamic haters like Ali Sina with these quotes of hers!

How Aisha would know that?  Did she have any experience with other men to compare Muhammad with them?  That is another subject. She did have a fling with Safwan.  However, what she interpreted as “mastery over desire” was due to Muhammad’s inability to perform.  He contented himself with foreplay, and fondling. He “drank their honey” as one hadith puts it,  but he could not perform intercourse.  I have dedicated several pages in my book to Muhammad’s impotence.

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