The Truth about Christians Among the Refugees

A female interpreter of Eritrean origin, who lives in Germany and of whom neither the Muslim migrants nor the locally hired Muslims know that she is a Christian, revealed what she experienced in refugee shelters in Germany

The Myth of the Non-Muslim Terrorist

Countering Islamic Propaganda  The notorious site has been claiming that 94% of all terror attacks have nothing to do with Islam.  What they aren't saying is that according to their own source, Muslims are 35 times more likely to commit acts of deadly...

Should We Blame Islam For Terrorism?

This is the rhetorical question — “no” being the only conceivable response — that the Iranian-born David Shariatmadari, now living in the U.K., asked in a recent article in The Guardian.

Siege of Malta (1565)

The Siege of Malta (also known as the Great Siege of Malta) took place in 1565, when the Ottoman Empire invaded the island, then held by the Knights Hospitaller

Siege of Vienna

Traditionally, the siege held special significance in western history, indicating the Ottoman Empire’s high water mark and signalling the end of Ottoman expansion in central Europe.

The long Islamic genocide of India

The long Islamic wars in India are recognized as some of the bloodiest and brutal ever carried out by Islam. If ever something deserved to be called genocide it was the various Islamic campaigns in India.

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