What Muslim’s think about Sharia law – Pew study

In this video, Dr. Warner brings together the results of a recent Pew study on the attitudes of Muslims worldwide and all those that support mass Muslim immigration (and those that don’t) need to consider the results of this survey and consider how it will impact Western Society.

Accept Shari’a in the West?

A look at the development and acceptance of sharia in Western Countries. A slow but gradual slid into a pluralistic legal system which will eventually see the dominance of sharia in the West and the destruction of our culture.

UK legal system and sharia – mutually exclusive? (part two)

Recap from part one In the first part of this article we started to look at the issues involved in this debate with information on the start of the modern debate on whether sharia should be part of the British legal system.  We then started to look at what sharia...

Five Truths About Sharia – Dr. Bill Warner

Dr. Bill Warner is one of the preeminent historians of the conflict of Islam with Western civilisation. He takes a scientific approach in his analysis of Islam and how this can be applied to Islam in the modern world. Here is a short introduction to his work.
An article appeared in the New York Times (NYT) entitled Five myths about sharia by Asifa Quraishi-Landes. Obviously, the NYT is a left wing newspaper that is part of the left-wing Islamic alliance and we can expect this type of article. Dr. Warner deals with this article in this short video.


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