Rights of Non-Muslims in an Islamic State

This article briefly lays out the terms that a non-Mulsim (zimmi or dhimmi) can live in a Muslim (Islamic) State, i.e. an Islamic country ruled by sharia law. So where sharia rules this is the condition of the non-Muslim.

Myths about Muhammad – Forced Conversions to Islam

Forced conversion to Islam is widespread yet we hear no outrage from liberals, nor do we hear much outrage (or even comment) from `Christians’ involved in `interfaith dialogue’. We coddle up to Islam while our brethren suffer horrible persecution just for being Christian.

If You Convert You Die

What does leaving Islam mean for Muslims? Those of us not born intoIslamcan’treally understand what apostasy means for a Muslim. We can understand academically but that is the extent of it.


  An extensive look at the punishment for apostasy in Islam by Silas   INTRODUCTION The punishment for apostasy from Islam is a controversial topic for Muslims living in the West and for ex-Muslims everywhere. That’s because Islam teaches that apostates are to be...

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